Custom Fragrance


This is an unique opportunity to have a custom fragrance that is tailored to your liking. We will discuss the notes; and fragrance family that you would like to choose in order to create your fragrance. The note selection will have to be narrowed to a limited number of note options to ensure that the idea is captured. There will be a maximum of 5 trials in which; 3 different 2 ML bottles are sent each time for a total of fifteen different iterations of the fragrance you wish to formulate.

The best of the fifteen scents will be decided by you, and that will be the one brought into production. The materials will be a combination of synthetic and natural. This process requires 2 months minimum to allow the fragrance to macerate as well as perfect the scent to your satisfaction. You will also be able to choose the name that will be inscribed on your fragrance. This fragrance will be a cruelty free; Extrait de Parfum fragrance. This is a contractual agreement that will be signed.